Monday, September 7, 2015

Easy Ways to Make Cool Logo Online Via Internet

Cara Mudah Membuat Logo Keren Via Online Gratis 
How to create a logo for free online | After the last couple of meetings that I share how to create a logo with Photoshop, this time I will share how to create a logo back. But now do not use photoshop, but rather to create a logo online, or without software.
This tutorial I dedicate to my friend who struggle to make a logo with Photoshop, hopefully in a way to make this online logo buddy has insfirasi more. Because the sites online provider of logo logo was a lot of models that could be a logo for the buddy buddy,
Disadvantages of making logo online, buddy must be connected to the Internet (mandatory), the name is also online. Heheh ... other than that my friend is not so freely edit like photoshop. Because my friend could only make the logo fit the pattern that has been provided by the provider of the online logo maker. The advantage is, how to create a logo online is relatively fast and more practical, my friend does not need to be adept at Photoshop or Corel Draw to create a logo, just a few clicks, dozens or even hundreds of logos directly ready to be selected.
Oh yes ... before my friend made my logo would be little to explain what is a logo? According to major Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) logo is "a letter or symbol that implies. Consists of one or more words as a symbol or company name ".

Meanwhile, according to Wikipedia logo is "a drawing or sketch sketch with a particular meaning, and represent a sense of enterprise, regions, organizations, products, countries, institutions, and other things require a short and easy to remember instead of the actual name. The logo must have a philosophy and basic framework of the concept with the objective nature spawned a stand-alone or independent. Logo more Jazim known by sight or visual, such as the characteristic form of the color and shape of the logo. "
If the friend already understand what a logo, now you can start to create a logo online buddy. Both the logo association, company, brand, blogs and others. To determine the value and meaning of the colors, my friend could see and read about blogs and henceforth pal please visit the sites free online logo maker below, it is very easy really.A collection of sites to create a logo for free onlineBelow is a collection of some web space to create a logo online. Buddy can try it one by one. Who knew there were matched with a buddy logo desire.

1. Logaster – 
Cara membuat logo keren secara online gratis 
2. FlamingText –
Cara membuat logo online gratis
3. LogoSnap –
Cara membuat logo online gratis
4. Pookatoo –
Cara membuat logo online gratis
5. Simwebsol –
Cara membuat logo online gratis
6. SupaLogo –
Cara membuat logo online gratis
Apart from the above sites are still many sites where providers make free online, which of course, with the advantages and disadvantages of each. Hope it is useful

Before pal closes article How to create a cool logo online free, please give input in the comments field. What are the advantages and disadvantages Articles How to create a cool logo online free ?, so I can continue to learn to give the best. If my friend find this article useful please help share ya ... :)


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